Touchpad not working AT ALL (Not even in BIOS)

Ok... not having time to post more elaborated stuff... I will go on to give talk about this apparently simple problem...

Today I found out my touchpad was not working. Ok I said... It must be something disabled on the device setup... Nop, it's not. Well... yep, it must be the driver. Uninstall, reboot, re-install, reboot... nop. Ok, it must at any rate, be a Windows problem... let's try Linux... reboot, come on Linux darling... nop, still not working... what the....????

Well, it should work in the BIOS, or there is maybe some option disabled... checking the BIOS... nop, no way... is the hardware broken? did I spill some liquid? did I hit it? no... no that I remember.

Let's google it... config? check, drivers? check, bios? check... ok let's see this post by whiteblade here and... wowwww that actually worked!

The solution: DISCONNECT THE LAPTOP AND TAKE OUT THE BATTERY FOR SOME MINUTES. It should gave time to some part of the memory to discharge, so when out turn it back on, your touchpad will be alive.

Yep, this might not work for everyone... but it did for me and for other people... so this post should help those who are about to start tearing their shirts apart and yelling at the laptop for being so fragile.

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